Top ad

A top ad is the ad that shows up in a shaded box above the organic search results. Note: Your ad will likely show up as both a side ad and a top ad – so write your ad copy to optimize for both.

Side ad

A side ad is the ad that show up on the right hand side of a search engine results page (SERP).

Display URL

Google AdWords Your display URL is what shows up in your ad copy. You can keep this simple and clean to increase your brand recognition, trust, and conversions.

Destination URL

Google Adwords Your destination URL is the landing page your ad is directed to when it’s clicked. Your destination site can be a specific page. You can change it for differing ads within ad groups. Your audience does not see it in the ad.


Google AdWords Your ad headline is the header of your ad copy.  It generally shows up in blue when your ad is live.

Billing Threshold

Google AdWords Your billing threshold is the level of spending that triggers a charge to you for the ad costs. It applies to automatic payments, and the threshold level starts at $50. It you reach that within 30 days, you’ll be billed, and your threshold then raises to $100 and so on.


CPM (Cost Per thousand) impressions is a bidding method that bases your costs on how many times your ads are shown (impressions).


CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) is the most common bid type on Google AdWords. It means you pay every time a person actually clicks on your ad. You set your “maximum CPC” in the bidding process, which means that dollar amount is the most you’ll pay for a click on your […]

Daily budget

Your daily budget is what you’re willing to spend per day per ad.  Your daily cost is based on a daily average per month, so don’t be alarmed if yours varies from day to day.