Affiliate SEO tips

Affilliate SEO tips

The problem with affiliate networks is that all affiliate partners use the same materials for advertising. Since Google does not like the content of repetitive – copied and often penalizes such Web sites. Often and so drastically that they even removed from search results.

Affilliate SEO tipsAffiliate and Google

For affiliate partners is this copy content such common practice that some have theorized that Google does not like or does not index Affiliate Sites. Read further to Affiliate SEO raise to a higher level.

Affiliate SEO tips – what you should not do

Some affiliate partners to cope with generic content or take news with RSS feeds or content of their site looks copied and status of Google is still one of the many affiliate programs.

Content on the web site should be in the eyes of Google valuable and unique – useful for visitors websites. It should be different from the Web site whose products or services affiliate partners sell.

Affiliate ads are often recognized by posjetoca websites and the people on them are not responding. No matter how high-quality banners is a big chance that on these people do not click.

The solution to this would be to create unique content that is not copied from another site. This content can be tips about how to use these products or services. Or maybe the experience of users who have used them. The only rule is that content in no case do not copy from other websites.

What to create?

You can also rearrange the content that you have seen somewhere, maybe to get an idea or completely this content may not be copied. This is crucial for the Affiliate SEO.

The question is whether to form and clean sales page, citing people to buy? Will it be better if you give advice. If, in addition to sending the visitors to the site of the manufacturer or retailer where they will receive the same information (selling) it does not make sense.

The more “naturally” be acted on its website – writing texts or put videos on the usefulness of products and services, the higher you will have success. Sales texts will certainly find people on the landing site for sale where to send them.