The affiliate programs I have selected here are popular among the affiliate community. The number of affiliate programs worldwide is enormous, and it is impossible to list them all. The program you choose will depend on your target niche.

You can learn how to choose a niche in the blog post: Affiliate marketing for beginners. Additionally, in our article: Niche finder tools for Affiliate marketing, you can find tools to help you choose your target niche.

Make sure to read and analyze each of these programs when selecting your affiliate partner.

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    Amazon Associates

    Amazon is widely known as the largest online retailer. They also have a huge affiliate program with a wide range of products to offer. Due to the vast number of products available, their affiliate partners have a tremendous range of items to promote. This is also an excellent program for beginners as it is easy to join as an affiliate partner and set up.

    Program link: Amazon Associates


    ClickBank, like the Amazon affiliate program, is known for its wide range of products. However, ClickBank specializes more in digital products. The advantage of ClickBank is the diverse range of products it offers. If you choose ClickBank, you can promote various courses, software, e-books, and other digital products.

    Program link: ClickBank

    CJ Affiliate (formerly known as Commission Junction)

    CJ Affiliate program, previously known as Commission Junction, offers a variety of partner advertisers. They have partnered with these advertisers to sell their products. As a result, you have products from different niches to sell and promote.

    Program link: CJ Affiliate


    ShareASale is another huge affiliate program, actually an affiliate network. It connects advertisers, or merchants, with affiliate partners. This network covers various product niches. Here, you can find different types of technology, fashion, home and garden products, and more.

    Program link: ShareASale

    eBay Partner Network

    eBay offers an affiliate program for its partners. Affiliate partners earn commissions by directing visitors from their websites to eBay listings.

    Program link: eBay Partner Network

    Shopify Affiliate Program

    Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform. They have an affiliate program where you can earn commissions by referring new merchants to their trading platform.

    Program link: Shopify Affiliate Program

    Rakuten Advertising

    Rakuten Advertising, formerly known as LinkShare, is an affiliate network that offers well-known brands. It is a large network with a wide range of products and services. Those with specific niches will find suitable options for their promotion.

    Program link: Rakuten Advertising

    Walmart Affiliate Program

    Walmart is a major corporation primarily engaged in retail. It is one of the largest retail chains in the world. They offer a vast range of products, including household appliances, electronics, furniture, pharmaceuticals, food, and many others. Walmart's online platform is well-designed and delivers products to customers' doorstep. Additionally, Walmart has its own private label brands and services, such as banking and insurance.

    Affiliate partners can earn commissions by directing customers to Walmart's website.

    Program link: Walmart Affiliate Program

    Target Affiliate Program

    Target is also one of the largest retail chains in America.

    The Target Affiliate program is a partnership program that offers affiliate partners the opportunity to earn commissions by driving traffic to This program provides various tools and excellent customer support for optimizing promotional campaigns. It's worth noting that the commission may vary depending on the location and type of promotion.

    Program link: Target Affiliate Program

    Adobe Affiliate Program

    Adobe is a well-known company that offers excellent software products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others. Adobe has an affiliate program for promoting these software products. The Adobe program provides marketing tools, reports, and customer support for affiliate partners.

    Program link: Adobe Affiliate Program

    Suggest your Affiliate program to us

    The mentioned examples of affiliate programs are just a part of the offering. For each niche you choose, you can surely find more programs. Don't forget to check other factors when choosing, such as the commission rate they offer for completed sales and other terms and conditions.

    If you have knowledge about good affiliate programs, please add them in the comments of this blog post.

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